At home in the oil and gas sector

Gazintek, a 100 % subsidiary of Pörner Group, is mainly focused on providing services in the state-of-the-art detailed engineering of the facilities in the oil and gas sectors such as:

  • pig launcher and receiving stations,
  • gas filtering, pressure reduction and metering stations,
  • compressor stations,
  • pumping stations
  • gas treatment facilities,
  • above-ground installation for underground storage facilities,
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminals,
  • cargo piping system (LNG and NG) on LNG carriers (deck and CCR) including the on-board reliquefaction unit,
  • distribution networks.

The sound expertise of its engineers enables Gazintek to render detailed engineering services for other types of installations both onshore, on offshore platforms, on carriers, classical installations or skid-mounted units.

In this framework, Gazintek designed industrial water treatment plants and produced water treatment plants on the oil fields, city heating systems, elaborate detailed design of structures and supports in very special environment on a case-by-case basis.


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