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Selected References

Gazintek engineers are specialised in the gas area including liquefied gas in cryogenic conditions. This does not exclude activities in other area. During the last six years many projects were performed in onshore and offshore conditions such as:

  • Air separation units
  • Water treatment on oil field
  • Gas sweetening and sulphur recovery units (skid-mounted)
  • Glycol treatment units (skid-mounted)
  • Boil-off gas reliquefaction on LNG carriers
  • City heating systems
  • Bitumen plants

Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery plants

Gazintek as a time-proven engineering expert provides international clients in the gas industry with detailed engineering design for gas sweetening and sulphur recovery plants in various climatic as well as geographic locations.

Thereto counts the skid-mounted gas sweetening unit / sulphur recovery unit (GSU/SRU) at a field in the North-West of Russia. Due to the fact, that the site is about 60 km inside of the Arctic Circle special technical solutions had to be found.

Gas Dehydration Plants

Vast experience and good performances in the gas sector leads to follow-up orders. Last in 2013 Gazintek provided the site survey and detail engineering for the revamp of a Gas Dehydration Unit (GDU) at a gas field within the Artic Circle.

LNG Carriers

LNG carriers with a capacity range of 138,000 - 266,000 m3 (then comprising Q-flex ad Q-max): design including stress analysis of the cargo piping system on the deck and in the compressors room. The stress analysis is rather special due to various deformations of the carrier.

For two carriers (out of which one is Q-max), Gazintek designed (detailed design) an on-board reliquefaction unit of the boil-off gas from the LNG tanks.

LNG receiving terminals onshore

LNG receiving terminal onshore: Gazintek was involved in several tenders. Some typical arrangements were designed by Gazintek.

LNG Terminal onshore

Gazintek performed detailed designs of the piping system for extension of two terminals with:

  • additional cryogenic BOG compressors, BOG recondenser,
  • additional unloading arm and additional discharge lines, cryogenic boil-off gas compressors, HP pumps, ORV, SCV, see water intake, chlorination system

LNG Terminal offshore

Gazintek performed a basic design of the piping system for a terminal located on a GBS. The difference as compared to an onshore terminal is in the limited space for the equipment, and the GBS structure is used as LNG storage tank.



Natural Gas Station (more classical gas stations)

NG filtration, pressure reducing and metering stations

Natural Gas Station

Natural Gas pig launching and receiving stations

Biturox Plant

Biturox bitumen production plant in Lisichansk/Ukraine: Gazintek was responsible for updating of the design with due account of the Ukrainian standards on a subcontract basis with Pörner Group. A new model and all documents were delivered.

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