Pipe engineering

General Drawings
  • Plot plan
  • Key plan
  • Classified areas
  • Tie-in location 
Installation, Piping routing (basic and detail activities)
  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D drawings
  • Typical
  • STD supports booklet
  • Isometrics and MTO
Piping Stress Analysis (Caesar II)
  • Cryogenic conditions
  • Hot temperature conditions (including the jacket lines)
 PFD / PID'S / UID'S (CAD activity)
  • PFD / UFD
  • PID / UID  (PDS PID, SmartPlant PID, microstation V8, schematics) with addition of lines, valves and instruments/loops number and checking of the continuities
  • Block Diagram
Others linked with PID
  • Lines list
  • Valves list
  • Instrument list