Gazintek's vision

 Gazintek stands for

  • excellent flexibility in job performance
  • excellent compliance with schedule and quality

Gazintek combines

  • advantages of the big companies owing to its technical capabilities (and especially engineers cognizant in their spheres employing state-of-the-art software)
  • distinctive features of the small companies (especially organisation features in terms of control and traceability in all areas).

In addition, the Pörner Group guarantees its technical support


Main Objectives

Improvement of methods, organization and quality

  • A process of designing must be so well thought-out and perfect that itself must prevent any errors in the designs; even the best idea can perish in implementation details.
  • By analyzing the projects performance methods, Gazintek develops an idea of "proactive quality assurance" to make checking more technically effective.

 It is similar to "preventive maintenance" applied in the industrial installations.

Streamlining work

  • To prevent repetitive, non-productive and unnecessary "innovations", to enhance standardization aiming at lower man-hours.

Design expertise

  • To provide the clients with additional services.
  • To propose to the clients up-to-date software and hardware.

Extension of the sphere in engineering activities

  • To attract new clients.