Experts in the oil and gas sector

Gazintek engineers are Ukrainians, and most of them were educated in the Institutes (higher learning schools) specialized in the oil and gas industry. It is useful to remind, that the gas story in the former USSR began in Ukraine with the exploitation of the Shebelynka field, which gave rise to an actual tradition of gas engineering.

Most of Gazintek’s engineers gained significant expertise when working on the oil and gas projects for the design institutes such as Ukrgazproekt and Vnipitransgaz. They participated in major gas projects in the FSU (for GAZPROM) and other countries such as Libya, Iraq, Algeria, Syria, and Iran.

Gazintek’s director worked in the past for Technigaz (LNG carriers), Gaz de France and Sofregaz, and is now appointed as General Director by the Pörner Group. Gazintek’s deputy director, a specialist in the design of large-diameter high-capacity gas trunk lines, pipeline and associated facilities was the technical manager of the dedicated department in Ukrgazproekt.

In addition to 1 interpreter / translator (Russian, Ukrainian, English) and 4 administrative employees, Gazintek employs a staff of 40+ Ukrainian engineers:

  • engineers for general installations, piping systems and mechanical facilities,
  • engineers dealing with piping stress analysis (high and low temperatures including cryogenic conditions)
  • electrical engineers
  • instrumentation engineers
  • civil, structure and building engineers using SCAD software for detailed calculations (certified in Ukraine and Russia)
  • engineers skilled in software systems, CAE & CAD systems, Information Technology