Gazintek's Advantages

Gazintek uses the advantages inherent in the small companies:


  • Organisation and coordination of a small company can be managed without any non-productive intermediaries.
  • By continuous improvement of its methods aimed at preventing mistakes (and not only correcting them), Gazintek maintains the quality insurance similar to preventive maintenance applied in the industrial installations.
  • In development of the projects, the information from / to the clients runs through a controlled quantity of engineers, saving the time and preventing mismatching between the disciplines.

Staff's contribution

  • Due to the limited number of engineers, the input of each is high, and the Company is based on the awareness of each employee that a small staff must be always focused on the result and only on his/her positive result.
  • Each engineer recruited with his technical background shall comply with the software and linguistic requirements of the Clients (Russian, English, French)


  • Beside his or her specialties, each engineer shall develop various capabilities, thus enabling to adapt to the client’s requirements and providing flexibility in tackling "emergencies".

 Positive effect of the sub-contracting

  • For sub-contracting of a project, the information and documents shall be prepared by the Client already at the initial stage. This preparation is more constraining, than in case of at-home project. In principle, this ultimately slashes man-hours for the design.

Gazintek's welfare

An essential strategic of Gazintek is the employees’ welfare, because the well-being of each employee is an important basis for the company’s success and future. This occurs in various ways: 

  • proficiency would be improved by continuous training
  • new engineering technologies and procedures would be introduced regularly
  • work experiences in other companies would be offered to get familiar with other requirements

The familiar and friendly working environment often results in joint out-door events.