Detail engineering specialist

Gazintek design services are based on 3D modeling of the piping and supports with due account of the results of the stress analysis, as well as civil, structure, electrical and instrumentation facilities. Gazintek expands a sphere of its services aiming at the design in all disciplines and gradually proposing a full self-sufficient package of services.

The competitiveness of GAZINTEK is enhanced by application of the latest design procedures and world best software. The main software used in the daily work is INTERGRAPH systems including the CAESAR II software for the stress analysis, which is an integrated part of the piping and support design.

In addition to engineering of classical gas installations, Gazintek engineers have recognized expertise in the design of liquefied natural gas facilities including LNG transportation by carriers.

International Experience

Knowledge of international standards and ability for quick adaptation to various conditions in the design activities have enabled Gazintek engineers to offer their services to the foreign clients such as:  

  • SOFREGAZ (France)
  • GAZ DE FRANCE (France)
  • UNXP (Ukraine)
  • TECNIMONT (Italy)
  • SOCOMA (France)
  • STARSTROI (Russia)
  • BELGATOM / SGN (France – Italy – Belgium)
  • ONDEO I. S. (France)
  • LITWIN (France)
  • CRYOSTAR (France)
  • PROSERNAT (France)
  • JACOBS (France)
  • NOVARKA (Vinci – Bouygues - Ukraine)
  • EIFFAGE (France)
  • PERENCO (France – Gabon – Cameroon – Congo – Peru)

The expertise gained in the projects for the major companies ensures the quality level required in the engineering works.