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Civil and Structural work

Roads, yards & underground services (modelled in 3D)

  • General civil layout

  • General layout of underground services

  • General layout of platforms and roads

  • General layout of fences and gates

  • Underground services construction drawings

  • Underground services standard drawings

Reinforced concrete (modelled in 3D)

  • Civil general arrangement drawings

  • Foundation layout drawings

  • Civil standard drawings

  • Foundation and civil work guide drawings

Buildings (modelled in 3D)

  • General arrangement drawings (plan, sections, views)

  • Construction guide drawings for structures and foundations

Steel structures, maintenance platforms, accesses, supports (modelled in 3D)

  • Guide drawings

  • Calculation

  • Detailed drawings (columns, beams, bracings)

  • Table of loads on foundation

  • Bill of quantities

  • Secondary structure booklets and MTO (between the main structure and the STD supports)