2013: Gazintek prospers continuously

Gazintek developed very well during the last years and successfully completed several assignments for the European companies in 2013. Gazintek uses modern software for plant designs that drastically reduces the work time for the client's benefit.

Lately, Gazintek engineers helped to cover peaks in several Pörner projects. For example, the expert knowledge of Gazintek's engineers in the field of CIS/Russian standards and regulations was very useful for Pörner's Biturox® Project in Nizhnekamsk/Russia.

Since 2005, the turnover has multiplied several times.

2006: Pörner Group acquires 100 % share

The joint alliance was further strengthened when Pörner Group acquired the remaining 30% shares of UKRGAZPROEKT. As sole owner, Pörner Group strengthens its position in the Central Eastern Europe region and increases its market share. The acquisition enables Pörner Group to boost flexibility in the strategic planning, resulting in a further advance of Gazintek as a leading specialist for the design of various plants in the oil and gas sectors.

2005: Pörner Group becomes main shareholder

After several months of preparations, Pörner Ingenieurgesellschaft Vienna purchased 70% of the shares held by SOFREGAZ in July 2005.

Pörner Group thus extended its network of flexible engineering companies to the booming Ukrainian and Russian markets. Right from the beginning Gazintek engineers contributed their knowledge to the projects of the Group.

1994: New developing phase

Since late 1994, Ukrainian engineers having experience in designing oil and gas projects, were involved in the detailed engineering of Sofregaz projects.

The aim was to familiarize with the design procedures applied by a foreign partner, as well as to extend Gazintek sphere of activities and to build up the staff.

The decision was based on the fact that the employed Ukrainian engineers have significant expertise gained in the design of the oil and gas projects when they worked in the design institutes like UKRGAZPROEKT and VNIPITRANSGAZ. They participated in major gas projects in the former SU (for GAZPROM) and other countries such as Libya, Iraq, Algeria, Syria, and Iran.

1991: Foundation of Gazintek

Gazintek was founded as a Joint Venture Company in 1991 by three engineering companies:

  • the French Company SOFREGAZ
  • the Ukrainian Design Institute UKRGAZPROEKT and
  • a Russian Institute.

The objective of the partners was to combine their expertise gained in the projects performed in France, the former SU and worldwide for applying their joint expertise in one company: JSC Gazintek. The main focus was on the contracts for construction and revamping of gas facilities.

Established at a time of reforms and restructurings, in the years of unstable economy and uncertain future, Gazintek mustered a group of talented engineers who initially aimed only at preserving a right to work in their profession, making use of their expertise in the design of oil and gas projects based on a high level of specialized education.

It is worth to remind that Ukraine was a pioneer in the gas production and transmission sectors in the FSU. Such major gas fields as Dashava and Shebelynka were the first to provide the Russian Federation and Moscow with natural gas back in the 40s and 50s in the twentieth century.

The boom in the oil and gas production and transmission in the second half of the twentieth century promoted creation of an engineering school of thought, development of new scientific concepts in the design of projects located in various climatic areas such Far Arctic regions with their huge gas fields.